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The vision of 1845 Bamboo was inspired in 2019 shortly before the birth of the founders’ first grandson and nephew, Alexander. The founders became emerged in the bamboo world as they searched for stylish, yet comfortable, clothing for Alexander. They quickly learned about bamboo viscose, an ultra-soft and luxurious fabric created by natural materials produced from highly renewable resources and was impressed by the additional benefits of the fabric such as its calming effects the material has on sensitive skin and skin disorders such as eczema; its lightweight, breathable, and is known for its excellent ventilation allowing the material to regulate heat, meaning it feels cool in warm weather and warm in cooler weather; its strong durability is capable of withstanding many wears and washes without the need for dry cleaning or hand washing; and it creates a beautiful, flattering look for all body sizes and shapes. 


Working within a successful mental health center, our founders began to notice the emotional attachments being formed on social media between consumers, products made from bamboo viscose, and companies who sold these items. They witnessed frustration from “boy moms” who felt overlooked and unheard with the continued limited styles and designs available to their little ones; anger over lack of compassion experienced from subpar customer service; and disappointment over feeling rejected from various social media pages. Our founders knew consumers who were emotionally invested in purchasing bamboo clothing for their little ones deserved better...and the idea of 1845 Bamboo was born.


Our founders immediately consulted the other members of their family who agreed with their vision and they began the planning process of making 1845 Bamboo, a family-owned company. Twila, oversees business development, Rebecca, oversees product development and social media outreach; Twila’s husband oversees business development; Rebecca’s husband oversees warehouse management and IT; and Twila’s son oversees product management; and Twila’s sister, Leasa is part of our sales team; Rebecca’s oldest daughters model our designs and provide design consulting; and her youngest daughter and nephews model our designs. Truly a family owned and operated company! 


It is important to our family and 1845 Bamboo that we create styles versatile enough to wear during the daytime, but comfortable and safe enough to wear during nighttime for the entire family. 


From our family to yours, we hope you stay comfortable and cozy!


Twila, Rebecca, and Family

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